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The Legacy of Dutch Brasil, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2014,.146-167.
Verreyken, How to do Transregional History: a Concept, Method and Tool for Early Modern Border Research, in: Journal river island gift voucher check of Early Modern History, 21 (2017).It also has uncovered the pacification strategies of authorities to reconcile and reincorporate individuals and social groups after periods of contestation and revolt.Verberckmoes, Parading hilarious exotics in the Spanish Netherlands, in: Nederlands kunsthistorisch jaarboek, 53 (2003 53-69.Link to publisher:.Rather than presenting reconciliation as a fact, as done by the stakeholders involved, this panel will define early modern reconciliation as an open-ended process with an always uncertain and unstable outcome.Erika Knihti-Van Driessche: senior korte liefdes zinnen voor haar female power breaking.What were their formal and informal strategies to pursue peace and concord?Soetaert, Translating and distributing Italian religious literature in the ecclesiastical province of Cambrai (1563-1659 in: Incontri: Rivista Europea di Studi Italiani, 22: 2 (2015 29-40.Verberckmoes, How Dutch Brasil Affects Your Emotions: The Antwerp Jesuit Cornelius nespresso kortingscode november Hazart On Early Colonial Brasil, in:.Pablo Pascuzzo, sparring -57kg, ring 3.Competitors : Pablo Pascuzzo : senior male sparring -57kg Bram De Corte : junior male tul Idegree junior male sparring -62kg Andreea Musca Alexia Pagalis were also selected for this WC, but theyre not in the possibility to travel to Italy due to resp.

Thursday morning May 28th : Bram De Corte tul Idegree, ring 1.The printers widow: gender, family and editorial choices in early modern Antwerp, Louvain, and Douai (long 16th 17th centuries).The court served as an important alternative to diplomatic conflict resolution and ensured that the numerous small border conflicts of the post-war period did not spill over into renewed violence Link to text via publisher: /10.17104/ jahrgang-14-2016-heft-1.Jeux et enjeux des appartenances autour des anciens Pays-Bas, XIVe-xviiie si├Ęcles / Identity and Identities.To accomplish this aim the book raises three sets of questions.Due to the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle (1668 it came under French rule after intense warfare, while Antwerp re-oriented itself to a firmly Catholic identity after its siege (1584-1585) during the Dutch Revolt.Verberckmoes, Broze levens, krachtige vrouwen: Zussen, moeders en tantes Goubau in de achttiende eeuw, Leuven, 2017.
Hans Van Lierde: senior male power breaking.
The Circulation of Knowledge in the Spanish Netherlands, Gent, 2015, 161-197.