At this album is present not only the zoo abonnement korting plopsa full palette of classic heavy genre, but also the new folk sounding: catchy tunes, different vocals, live chorus, flute solo, virtuostic guitar passages, arrangements with almost all symphonic instruments (stringed, wooden and copper wind instruments, percussion).
The album contains two bonuses - video clips of Factor Straha for the songs "Vyshe sil" and "Noch and also selectively stories from humorous collection "Svetoprestavlenie".(352771 bytes of html).CD-Maximum Melodic Metal The new album of Russian melodic-metal band 5 stihiy.Together with his colleagues he prepared nice and original songs.Despite of being really far from pop-music standarts, the voice of Sergey is quite soft and romantic.2998/ /2011 CD-Maximum Heavy Metal The only full-length album Volch'ya Yama and live album Pyatnitsa 13 of the first band of Alexander Hamer (kruger) have been restored, remastered and re-issued thanks to the requests of true fans.CD-Maximum Melodic Metal The new solo work of the Russian multi-instrumentalist and composer oleg mishin (Catharsis, ex-End Zone).The singer has a reach experience of work in different genres (including the main parts in musicals "Jesus Christ Superstar" (Tambov) and "Master and Margarita" (Moscow).
This material had been preparing near 2,5 years.

CD-Maximum Heavy Metal The second full-length studio album of the young Ukrainian band.Famous rock musicians from epidemia and master were participated here.It consist of dfferent genres: from heavy metal, rock, grunge to trash.This song wasn't included in the last Factor Straha album "Mertvye sny".CD-Maximum Instrumental / Symphonic Metal The album of this unique Ukrainian female band includes instrumental symphonic versions of several very famous and important songs of aria.The music material from the album continues the line kortingscode ici paris oktober 2018 of melodic power metal, but there are deflections in progressive and rather in thrash anwb korting intersport metal.
The album was recorded in the Ukranian studio morton together with the musician Il'ya Mamontov from epidemia.
Here you can hear already loved by public vocal of Valeriya Romanova, which contains intonations of blues, classics and modern styles.