flight gift voucher

Gift Idea #1: Buy the ticket outright.
Your recipient must have a mileage account with the same airline.Whether youre paying with miles or not, avoid booking this kind of ticket over the phone, as you might be required to make a trip to your netflix voucher codes nearest home airport to sign a waiver permitting the booking; likewise, avoid gifting a paper ticket, as the.The cost of buying a ticket outright for that same flight: 310.Concept: Your friend can use an airline gift card toward the purchase of a plane ticket.By the way, if your friend had booked that Delta flight one day later, aka 8-20 days before departure, youd be stuck with a 75 redemption fee, which jumps to 100 for booking 4-7 before, 150 3 days or less before.So unless your buddys in a hurry to hit the streets.
Depending on the destination, the package could wind up costing you the same or less than the plane ticket alone.
When gifting miles doesnt pay: For a round-trip ticket on American from NYC to San Francisco youd need 25,000 miles, assuming a 12,500 mile seat for the lowest economy fare is available each way.

San Francisco, ask him to be careful about when he books.The airline will e-mail your friend his ticket and you confirmation of delivery.Along these lines, some airport ticket agents concerned about fraud may have an issue when your friend cant present the credit card you used to book the ticket.Through the end of the year, stay on top of which airlines may be temporarily waiving their mileage giving/receiving caps.The cost of the ticket outright: 1,032.It would cost you 180 (15,000 miles times one cent plus 30) to transfer the maximum 15,000 miles to his account, another 250 to buy the other 10,000 miles, and.50 more to cover his mileage redemption service charge and taxes.When gifting miles does pay: Delta permits you to transfer up to 60,000 miles to a single recipient.During the transaction youll effectively be transmitting a waiver permitting your miles to go toward the cost of your friends ticket.Theres no way to cover the cost of the service charge in advance, so reimburse your friend for that fee and any ticket taxes.Mileage seats are capacity-controlled, meaning if seats redeemable for 12,500 miles run out, you may be doling out twice as much mileage for a seat in the same cabin.Air charge about a penny a mile to transfer your already-earned mileage into a friends account and.5 cents or more to buy and deposit new miles into that account.

Gift Idea #3: Giving Miles, concept: Buy new miles or transfer your existing ones to a friend, who may redeem them for the flight of his or her choice.
Theres also a cap on how many transferred miles your friend can receive per year as well as on how many total transferred and purchased miles he can receive per year.
Verify with your airline ahead of time that you as the credit card holder will not be traveling with the person to whom you gifted the ticket and see if you can have that fact noted on your friends reservation.