Maybe the couple is not looking for the usual household items, but they could very well do with a trip or a vacation.
Plus, exercising together will be so much fun for them, don't you think?
Coupons for Activities in the City.
Planned Honeymoon Activity, so maybe you cannot plan their honeymoon or a vacation due to budget constraints, but you can definitely plan an activity for them while they are on their honeymoon.Flowering Plants, if the couple has a balcony or a backyard in which they can house a few flowering plants (and if they are inclined thus) you can gift them an assortment of flowering plants and shrubs.Champagne and/or Wine "Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized." - André Simon, nothing better than sparkling wine or champagne to celebrate an occasion, especially a wedding.Football fans will love a tour of their favourite stadium, or if tennis is their thing, then why not treat them to a behind the scenes guided tour of Wimbledon, including entrance to the Lawn Tennis Museum.They could also use the coupon to get a shot of their new blended families as well.So any couple will be happy to have someone doing all the cleaning around the house for them, plus the freedom from cleaning for at least a year will be like a dream come true.It brings in the right kind of class and marks the celebration like nothing much else.So why not you do it for them?Your voucher can only be extended once and must be done whilst the voucher is valid.They will not only remind the couple of the bills but will also help them arrange the house in the best possible way.For those with a sweet tooth, then a scrumptious afternoon tea for two at The Ritz might be just the thing.
Cleaning Service, gift the couple a 'cleaning service certificate' that is valid for a year.
Foodies will love our fantastic selection of dining experiences at top restaurants across the UK, or perhaps theyd prefer to get a little more hands-on, with a cooking class, wine tasting, or brewery tour.

Home Organizing Service, just like the cleaning service, a home organizing service will also, no doubt, be of great use to the couple.You will receive confirmation either via email or a letter.These could include several activities like coupons to book readings, hobby classes, cycling sprees, adventure sports and the like.Reiterating what we mentioned earlier, at a stage where the couple might already have all the knick-knacks required to run a household, they might appreciate the cash such that they can use it in whatever manner they deem fit, rather than having to worry about.With a range of fun and unique experiences, its kort verblijf easy to find great gift ideas for couples, here.There are several types of wines and champagnes that you can choose from, and if you're not really sure about what to look for, you can take the help of a wine expert to make the best choice.And while you're happy for them, you might be equally confused about what to get them.Imagine having such a wide variety of flowers gracing their home.So they love the opera or the theater or the Broadway?No bride likes to spend time cleaning the house just after her wedding.
Give them a gym membership that is valid for a year.
The added advantage is that this deal will include seasonal fruits as well.