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The Twentieth Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference (compsac '96 publisher pub-ieee, address pub-ieee:adr, pages "xx 569 year "1996 isbn " isbn-13 " lccn "QA76.6.C6295 1996 bibdate "Tue Aug 19 12:08:37 1997 bibsource "b note "ieee Catalog number 96CB35986.
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bibdate "Wed Jun 17 22:05 bibsource makron ml; b price "R89 URL "p?id681 acknowledgement ack-nhfb, language "Portuguese code promo norauto igraal @ArticleFor:1998:HHP, author "G.acknowledgement ack-nhfb, language "Chinese url-author "m/users/ajrodley @BookSaleh:19xx:LDW, author "Imad Saleh title "Les langages de d'eveloppement sur Web: Java, Shockwave, vrml publisher "Editions Hermes address "?Net Development: Rational Software's Web-Based Load-Testing Tool; iona Technologies' Internet Security Tool; Sonic Systems' icsa-Certified Low-Cost Firewall journal j-computer, volume "31 number "11 pages "113-116 month nov, year "1998 coden "cptrb4 issn " (print (electronic issn-L "0018-9162 bibdate "Thu Oct 29 07:11 bibsource "b URL.subject "Java (Computer program language Web servers; Object-oriented programming (Computer science @BookFlanagan:1997:JNDa, author "David Flanagan and others title "Java in a Nutshell, Deluxe Edition publisher pub-ORA, address pub-ORA:adr, edition "Deluxe pages "xvi 610 year "1997 isbn " isbn-13 " lccn "QA76.73.J38 J38 1997 bibdate "Wed.World Resources Institute/United Nations Environment Programme/United Nations Development Programme/The World Bank.price "US25 URL "ml acknowledgement ack-nhfb, @BookCampione:1997:JTO, author "Mary Campione and Kathy Walrath title "Das Java Tutorial: Objektorientierte Programmierung f"ur das Internet publisher pub-AW, address pub-AW:adr, pages "784 year "1997 isbn " isbn-13 " lccn "?Lastly, we describe an implementation of this architecture, called the Lava security architecture.Joyce booktitle "Proceedings of the Twenty-ninth sigcse Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education: February 25-March 1, 1998, Atlanta, Georgia title "Proceedings of the Twenty-ninth sigcse Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education: February 25-March 1, 1998, Atlanta, Georgia volume "30(1 publisher pub-ACM, address pub-ACM:adr, pages "xx.William Semich title "Framework - Sun's Java development language is a lot more than just another new toy for the Internet journal j-datamation, volume "42 number "5 pages "5-?This article proposes using typing rules to describe the bytecode verifier because they are more precise than prose, clearer than code, and easier to reason about than either.
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Lab., IL, USA keywords "advanced networks; collaborative environments; communication; communication structures; computational power; data structures; dynamic; enabling technologies; end computers; global; Internet; Java; Java programming language; library; local environments; mid range computing systems; network operating systems; Nexus; NexusJava library; parallel machines; parallel programming; pointer; program.