Public Transport tickets edit OV-chipkaart edit note: The old strippenkaart and the paper train tickets have been phased out in the Netherlands and are no longer valid.
The country is criss-crossed with rivers, canals and dikes, and the beach is never far away.
You can get to Dordrecht, Breda, Tilburg and 's-Hertogenbosch / Eindhoven.
One of the largest events in the Netherlands.After another devastating flood in 1916, the country started the Zuiderzee Works, a massive undertaking to reclaim and tame the Zuiderzee once and for all.The West Frisian Islands are excellent destinations for a few days out, as are the Frisian Lakes.Other sauces are tomato ketchup, curry ketchup (unlike regular curry, tastes more like ketchup Indonesian peanut sauce ( sat├ęsaus cut raw onions ( uitjes special ( speciaal, a combination of mayonnaise, curry ketchup and optionally cut raw onions) and war ( oorlog, a combination.Several other cities and regions also have night buses, usually even more limited.A good quality wooden shoe protects your foot from falling objects up to 10 kg, so you won't feel a thing.Hot chocolate edit Hot chocolate with whipped cream is a winter tradition in the Netherlands.Travellers can buy a travel product, for example a single ride, a one-day pass for an entire city or a monthly season ticket nelly kortingscode forum for a certain route.It costs 10 a day, and is valid after 9AM on every single Connexxion bus for two grownups and up to three children.Nudity is the norm.) Some saunas do offer special men-only or women-only evenings.

Table manners are important to the Dutch and if one breaks this etiquette, the Dutch might make remarks about.Parades can also be held in the evening, usually on Saturdays all the wagons are then lit up by numerous small lights.Defqon.1 40 - Dance festival focussing on the harder dance styles, such as hardstyle and hardcore.When this cannot be proven, the car driver is liable, but this can be limited when the accident can be attributed to the behaviour of the cyclist, up to 50 (more if the cyclist was consciously being reckless).When you need police but there is no life in danger or crime being executed, you call, with this number they will come quickly but without sirens.Visitors from the United Kingdom can also travel by boat.Do not get offended by this because to the Dutch this kind of beach dress is completely normal.The only exception to this rule is the Grensland Express that connects Hengelo to Bad Bentheim (Germany where you have to get the ticket from the conductor and the OV Chipkaart is not valid.Tickets are valid on both sprinter and intercity services; there is no difference in price.
Eastern Netherlands ( Gelderland, Overijssel ) Home to the largest national park of the Netherlands, Hoge Veluwe National Park, as well as the beautiful Hanzesteden, seven mediaeval cities along the IJssel River with a traditional historic centre, such as Zutphen, Zwolle, Doesburg, among others.
Also they are better insulated and more water resistant.

Wearing wooden shoes in public will earn you quite a few strange looks from the locals.