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Dont worry: your Arcade Hecarim isnt going anywhere.
Interesting to see Riot de-fanging such a powerful promotional tool in the name of scam slaying, though.Player Support and include proof of ownership.Riot is taking action against these scammers at the source.# 3 in the game League of legends promo codes can be obtained in several ey can give out for particularly active set of referrals (but it is necessary to attract a lot of players very much, more than a hundred achieving in any championship.As a bonus, players can give summoner set consisting of special runes, scrolls, or even rename game characters.Raw download report text.12 KB, collection of malicious/scam/phishing URLs for the League of Legends game (developed by Riot Games).
League of Legends characters running around with their bones, muscles, and organs fully exposed, glistening triumphantly in the summer breeze.
Naturally, then, some buy them with real money from resellers, especially in the case of limited edition skin codes given out at conventions and things of the like.

Often entering the bonus code, you can get a unique and skin (appearance) of the character.The phrase skin codes always gets.Problem is, many resellers are scammers, and Riots not cool with that.Wed be happy reizen met korting ns business card to help redeem the content to your account, but please note after 23/07/14 we will no longer be redeeming codes for any reason.We are working with multiple payment processors to inform them of the situation and recommend they no longer process fraudulent payments from these sites.# 5, the easiest way to get promo codes for games on kupoha do so would only create and choose from the categories on the right site.