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Times, Sunday Times (2010)Voucher has no cash value and can be redeemed only once.
An official statement or receipt that phantasialand korting hotel is given to someone to prove that their accounts are correct or that money has been paid.
Times, Sunday Times (2006)You will be sent a voucher with your ticket.To say that one is sure that something is fact or truth.These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.The Sun (2009)And those who can claim would get vouchers instead of nederlandse sauna cadeaubon spa zuiver cash.In common recoveries, there may be a single voucher or double vouchers.The term voucher is also a synonym for receipt and is often used to refer to receipts used as evidence of, for example, the declaration that a service has been performed or that an expenditure has been made.

Word: voucher, pronunciation of voucher: 'vau-ch r, function of voucher: noun, origin of voucher: Middle French vocher, voucher to vouch 1 : an act of vouching 2 a : a piece of supporting evidence : proof b : a documentary record of a business transaction.The Sun (2013) Gift vouchers can be redeemed with this voucher but cannot be used to purchase gift vouchers.Free online English dictionaries and words translations with transcription, electronic English-Russian vocabularies, encyclopedia, Russian-English handbooks and translation, thesaurus).The Sun (2012)Times members will receive a voucher dispatched with their tickets to collect their programme on the night.To get reimbursed from our budget for purchases, you must fill out a voucher form.The Sun (2014)It is easily remedied by simply giving cash instead of vouchers.Date: ; Language: Old French ; Origin: vocher ; vouch.First prize is a 1000 travel voucher.
One who vouches, or gives witness or full attestation, to anything.
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.

A book, paper, or document which serves to vouch the truth of accounts, or to confirm and establish facts of any kind; also, any acquittance or receipt showing the payment of a debt; as, the merchant's books are his vouchers for the correctness of his.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)The generous gent does what you did, and gives his girlfriend the voucher with her ticket.